We do IT infrastructure projects for PC or Mac: strategic planning of outsourced support services including staff screening for first-step recruitment process, operational planning for design and software installation, training of IT support team, deployment project management, creation of procedures to manage IT assets and services, supervision of hardware and software roll-out, asset management, development of database applications for the web (MySQL/PHP) or for Mac in native mode (Xcode/Objective-C accordingly to Apple's good manufacturing practices).

As the 21st century is by all means the era of information, we do not deal only with informatics as the automatic processing of information, but also with closely-linked aspects such as corporate communications, organization and the management of information in general.

Low-cost can be expensive

Hire someone with twenty years of proven experience in IT and corporate communication, who speaks your language and comes from the same business culture as yours. Pay the price of experience allowing you to stay focused on your work.

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