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Current version: 3.4.
Requires at least macOS 9 (Mavericks).
Compatible with macOS 15 (Catalina).
Languages: English, French.
Availability: Mac App Store.
Price: please check the Mac App Store to see
the price in your country's currency.

Try before you buy

Go to the bottom of this page to download an evaluation version.

User guide

Click on the file below to download the complete illustrated guide:


DataGrys is a management application for small businesses, focusing on essential informations of several aspects of the business, from competition watch to customer support, including sales opportunities and invoicing, and connects them to each other in a single database. DataGrys does not involve data storage on an external platform and spares you the constraints of cloud storage. The application is on sale on the Mac App Store at a clearly defined price, with no in-app purchase or subscription. DataGrys features the following tools:

  • Definition of sales territories and various categories for the operations.
  • Creation of a book of products and services, with history log.
  • Creation of a book of clients and an address book.
  • Creation of orders, invoices and credit notes.
  • Management of competition, with history log and product equivalence.
  • Management of sales opportunities, with history log and tasks do to.
  • Management of customer support requests, with solution sharing.
  • Query orders, invoices and credit notes.
  • Detailed reports for sales, opportunities and customer support.
  • Printing and PDF export of cards, documents and reports.
  • Data export in CSV and XML.
  • View of pending support requests, unpaid invoices, tasks to do in opportunities, on interactive tables.
  • Data exchange with your Mac: mail, browser, contacts, maps, reminders and social networks (read more later on this page).

Convenient configuration

Adopt DataGrys whenever you want, even in the middle of a tax year. The configuration of a model for numbering documents (sales opportunities, orders, invoices, credit notes and support requests) allows you to resume numbering where you left it with your previous application.

Among the numerous options available in the application Preferences, DataGrys allows you to specify the words used to write labels (column titles, footers and various mentions) on orders, invoices and credit notes. This enables you to print documents for clients in the Western language of your choice even if the interface of DataGrys is not available in that language. Furthermore, DataGrys automatically adopts the currency, number and date formats of the region for which your Mac is configured.

DataGrys integrates recent technologies from Apple to exploit services on your Mac and works with a unique database file, automatically created when the application starts for the first time. Data reside on your computer and are saved automatically after you modify them. Tables and controls used to manage your data are spread across several views in the same window, accessible by clicking on the icons of a unique tool bar.

Flexible options for taxation

DataGrys enables you to tailor a solution based on tax rates and rules applying to your region. You define the rates and can choose from two tax systems or use them jointly. The primary tax system applies individually to each item sold. You can modify its rate on a case-by-case basis on the products or services cards if some of them are subject to distinct rates. The secondary system applies globally to the subtotal of the order or invoice. On a case-by-case basis, you can choose to apply taxation or not. To satisfy the need for rates of various regions in the world, DataGrys handles tax rates expressed as a percentage containing up to four decimal numbers.

Data exchange with your Mac

You can import contacts from the Contacts application of your Mac into the address book of DataGrys. Provided that the specific informations are present on a card in macOS Contacts, DataGrys will detect and import not only the address and phone numbers, but also the note and social accounts.

From an address book card containing a valid e-mail address, start an e-mail composition window in the default mail application of your Mac, in one click. Use the mailing list function to write mail to a group of recipients defined using statuses on their address book cards: clients, leads, suppliers, resources... From an address book card, locate the address using the Maps application in one click.

If you mentioned the address of an Internet page for reference in a product's log, competitor's log, sales opportunity's log or address book card, open this page in the default browser of your Mac in one click.

Add reminders from scratch to the calendars of your Mac from DataGrys. In one click, create a reminder from a customer support request, which will contain the request's informations: description, client name, due date and alarm. The reminder will be added to the macOS calendar and accessible using the Reminders application of your Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch (depending on your configuration and synchronization options).

MacOS features a functionality of information sharing by e-mail, social networks, reminders or notes, provided that you configured accounts adequately in your Mac's Preferences. DataGrys integrates this tool. Select a record from a product log, competitor log, sales opportunity log or a support request then, in one click, start the sharing dialog where you can choose the destination of the information to publish it without having to rewrite it or copy-paste it.

Try before you buy

Click on the file below to download an evaluation version:

Limitations of the evaluation version:

  • Creation of 3 sales opportunities, 3 orders, 3 invoices and 3 support requests.
  • Created data cannot be deleted and replaced with new data.
  • Expiration date: 31 December 2020.

This version is a copy of the original DataGrys application. The data produced with it are saved in a different location and cannot be imported in the standard version of DataGrys if you elect to download it from the Mac App Store afterwards. When started after the expiration date, this evaluation version will not function anymore and data created with it will be automatically deleted. Before creating data with this version, you should read the user guide.