IT services for business since 1997
IT services for business since 1997 -

Apps for Mac

Available on the App Store, our management applications are tailored for the small business. They were developped according to Apple's esthetic guidelines and requirements for user data integrity.

LF-Factura is a management application focusing on invoicing and sales reports while DataGrys is focusing on several aspects of the business, from competition watch to customer support, including sales opportunities, invoicing and statistical reports, and connects them to each other in a single database.

IT service support and delivery

ITygrys provides IT services for PC and Mac environments, covering multiple aspects of end user support. The expertise includes: second-level IT support (in a tiered-level structure), coaching IT support teams, training users, publishing documentation on paper or on the web, creating procedures for IT support delivery, planning deployment and roll-out operations, asset management and reviewing contracts with suppliers. [more]

Have you outsourced your IT helpdesk to Poland because it's cheaper? Surely your users must have seen how cheap it is by now and it's about time to cut the bullshit. The problem lies within the organisational model suppliers come up with. Read this to understand.

Hire a serious consultant with proven experience, who speaks your language and comes from the same business culture as yours. Pay the price of expertise to get things done better.

Database application development

ITygrys creates bespoke management applications as web-driven databases using MySQL for which it offers full-stack development services. [more]

Information management

As the 21st century is by all means the era of information, ITygrys doesn't deal only with IT in its primitive definition (the technologies performing automatic processing of information). It also handles closely-linked aspects such as corporate communications and the management of information in general. [more]

Live from the battlefield

Lionel Fouillen is a senior consultant who founded ITygrys and you should read his blog: non-diplomatic conclusions drawn after the first twenty-five years of a consultant career spent in the IT circus, joyfully flying trapeze but occasionally fighting against clowns.

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