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Privacy on this site

This site is hosted by Luxhosting Networks SARL (Luxembourg) which server uses cookies for statistical purposes, to analyze visits to this site. These cookies do not identify you personally and do not trace your activity outside this site. All informations you submit to ITygrys remain confidential, are used exclusively by ITygrys to manage its business internally and are not communicated to any third party.

Applications distributed on the Mac App Store

Our applications have been validated by Apple, therefore they are distributed on the Mac App Store. This validation certifies that the applications were made under Apple standards, particularly those pertaining to the privacy and integrity of the users data. Our applications do not contain any functionality spying the way you are using your computer and do not collect data. Also, they do not contain any system displaying advertising.

Evaluation versions of applications on this site

Evaluation versions (also called demos) downloadable from our site submit to the same privacy rules and you should always download them from our site. This guarantees that the software package you are installing contains only the application that it is supposed to contain.

Some sites offer directories of demos for all commercial software available on the Internet. Some of them may modify the installation package without our consent and without your knowing, to force the installation of additional software components on your computer, such as intrusive advertising or a spy collecting your private data for the benefit of marketing companies.

Beware of phishing

Phishing is a method used by thieves, consisting in impersonating a regular supplier of the users (e.g. their bank, the editor of a software they use, an e-commerce platform where they shop...) to convince them to give personal details such as a bank account or credit card credentials, under the pretext of keeping them up to date or prolonging the validity of a user account, in order to exploit these data in a criminal way (money fraud, identity theft...).

ITygrys will never ask you to communicate informations pertaining to your bank account or credit card, your password or any other personal information having nothing to do with your using our products and services. If you ever receive an e-mail in the name of ITygrys, asking you to supply such informations, do not reply and warn us at once.